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Month: July 2014

Wing Rib’s Complete

Today I was greeted by a box from the UPS man from Avery Tools. I got my SafeAir1 kit as well as some other goodies. There really wasn’t much to accomplish today. I finished up the ribs in the left wing. After that I pulled all the parts for the rear spar and started on the Aileron Hing Bracket Assemblies. First thing was to trim 2 of the 4 spacer brackets. Then I cleco’d the assemblies together and match drilled the #30 holes. Afterwards I marked each assembly and began deburring and scuffing. I need some more primer so I called it a night.

safeair1 kit


Right wing complete (mostly)

Today I completed the Right Wing ribs for the most part. I put a post on VAF regarding conduit sizes. I was unable to locate 3/4″ conduit locally so I want to use 1″. But im not sure if the structure will support the hole size. Getting the rivets in wasn’t so much a hassle, but the bolts were difficult in figuring out what went where as its so tiny. Tomorrow I plan on finishing up the left wing and starting the rear spar.



Primer Time

I have recently discovered how the egyptions built those pyramids and it really works. I had 4 people + me scuffing, deburring, and cleaning the wing ribs. I think we got all of them done in under 2 hours. After they dried a bit in direct 90 degree sunlight. I blindly primed all these ribs. I was able to get everything primed with just shy of 2 1/2 cans of primer. Which was good as I was running on empty on the last rib. Tomorrow I am going to call SEM and see how to become a dealer so I can get this stuff cheaper. I buy it buy the case 2 or 3 at a time and no one will offer price breaks. I also ordered the SafeAir1 kit from Avery today as well as some other bits and pieces. Those should be here in 2 days.


im pretty tired and i forget what these are called, but here it is.


all the ribs mounted on the spars ready to rivet.

i also drilled out the pitot holes to 3/8″ of an inch. The plans call for 7/16 but the SafeAir1 kit uses smaller snap bushings. I also had to add a 2nd hole for the AOA line. I just measured 1″ x 1″ off the edge. I*HOPE* this does not cause an interference issue in the future.

Tomorrow I am going to try to locate some 3/4″ innerduct for the cable run. If I cannot find any I will see if I can use the 1″ that I have laying around.

Wing Ribs start

I have to admit, this was probably the most confusion section yet. You would think all the -L parts would go on the left wing and all the -R parts would go on the right. That is not the case.  The parts are mixed up every which way possible. I didn’t take alot of pictures today. I started off by cutting & fabricating W1029C angle, W1029D & W1029E spacers for both left & right wings. Next I started working on the W1029A-L Torque Tube Support bracket. This part was very difficult to get aligned into the W1010R rib. From here I decided to work on the left wing only for now. Next I drilled & cleco’d the Flap attach brackets to the ribs required. After that, i cleco’d all the ribs to the main spar. Once I had the left wing ribs mounted I marked each rib starting from the root 1 through 15. Then I proceeded with the right wing. Rinse Wash Repeat. These were marked 16 – through 30. After all this was set, I began drilling all the #12 holes, followed by match drilling the #30 & 40 holes.

Next I realized I needed to order some parts, such as the Pitot tubing & conduit. I created a nice shopping cart of stuff I wanted & needed. I’ll call Avery in the morning to place the order.

Main Spars Complete!

Today I finished up the main spars. I started by drilling all the #40 holes near the end of the spar as well as some #30 holes. After countersinking I attached some nut plates and began with the tie down brackets. this was pretty easy.

can you see what i forgot?

Next I bolted the brackets to the main spar using some AN3-5A bolts. During this process I also attached the W823PP Aileron Bellcrank brackets. Once I got done with the Left main spar I began with the right Right spar. After getting the bracket on and a few rivets driven. I noticed I missed 2 rivets on the nut plates.  So after carefully drilling the rivets out. I placed the last 2 rivets and finished mounting the tie down bracket.

Since this was done I cleaned up a little bit around the shop and then started pulling parts for the next section.

More countersinking

Today I finished countersinking the nut plate holes. Next I riveted all the nut plates on. Then I began the tedious process of counter sinking the skin rivet holes. I was able to finish one side of one spar before calling it a night. No pictures today as it wasnt that exciting.

Drilling & Counter sinking

Today I drilled all the remaining #40 holes on the spars. Next I focused on the left spar and kind of skipped around a bit. As I didn’t want to keep adjusting the microstop, I countersunk all the nut plate holes. I had to do a search on VAF that as part of the instructions were confusing. Basically there are 7 holes on each side of the spar that need to be countersunk, but wasnt quite clear. Well this was getting quite boring so I riveted the nut plates on after every so many counter sinks. After riveting all the nut plates on the left spar I called it a night. Tomorrow I anticipate finishing the right spar as well as all the countersinking on both spars.

J Stiffeners

Today I spent the day making and match drilling the J-Stiffeners. A lot of the time involved with this was making sure that the stiffeners were 1/16″ of an inch over the top of the spar. This took quite some time and I called it a day afterwards.


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