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Month: November 2013


I’ve spent the last few days with some of my guys cleaning up the warehouse and building some EAA 1000 workbenches. I ended up building 4 standard tables (60″ x 24″ x 34″) as well as 4 mini tables at  46″ x 24″ x 34″. I had to cut the legs down 1″ from the plans due to my inability to read at Lowes. I had grabbed 2″ x 4″ x 92.5″ instead of 2″ x 4″ x 96″ sticks. Which was fine as the table was getting raised 3″ due to the wheels I added.

I felt I should comment on this specifically. The pipes holding the filter unit & air pressure regulator are standard 3/8″ NPT  Brass pipes from Home Depot. I believe they are 4″ long. The way I have this mounted, you are not going to find anywhere unless you work in the Wireless Construction industry. I used 2 trapezoids (3-Way Stand-offs), 2 7/8″ Stackable Cable Snap-ins, and 2 5/8″ Cable Bushings. I had to modify the bushings due to the short distance of the pipe, as well as remove some additional rubber inside. If anyone would like to use these, just let me know and if I still have any, I will send them to you.

The good thing about all these tables being moveable is I can place this bench where ever I wish. I need to change out the blade to a metal blade still. I have been debating on getting a benchtop belt sander / wheel sander combo. I don’t think I need one though. Its hard to tell but I have all the power cables going through a hole in the center of the table to a power strip mounted underneath. Very handy for sure.

The machine on the right is soley for work use. It is fantastic if you strip a lot of wire. We stripped a 55 gallon barrel of wire in less than a day with wire sizes ranging from 4/0 to #12.

Introducing Vans RV10 #41517

On Friday November 22nd, I made a huge decision in life. One that I have been wanting to make for about 5 years. After going back and forth via email with the fine folks over at Vans Aircraft.  I made a phone call and finalized my order for the RV10 Empennage kit. I have not received confirmation of it being shipped yet, but I anticipate it will be here in the beginning of the 2nd week of December. I will keep this site up to date on where I am in my build

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