David's RV-10 Build

Just another RV-10 builders log

To-Do List

These are things that I want to accomplish but either don’t have time, not that important, or need additional hands with.

To-Do List
no area description plan / notes completed
1 Elevators replace left elevator trim tab need time/motivation 6/11/16
2 Tailcone replace some rivets need 2nd person 7/10/14
3 Empennage Attach reinstall trim servo need db9 connector 7/7/14
4 Elevators Fix 1/4" difference in elevators Need to take 1 elevator off and have horn welded
5 Tailcone Install 1/2" conduit from front to rear Need to install sticky bases. Will probably do when Trim Tab is fixed so I can use Proseal on the sticky bases
6 Tailcone Install NACA vents Need motivation & NACA template
7 Leading Edge Correct lense placement Need motivation


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