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Month: August 2016

Fuselage Delivery

Well I havent been able to do much at all these last few weeks and time has come for my fuselage to be delivered. Anticipation has had me all week and today was the day. Road Runner had hired a company to deliver the kit. On Monday they called and asked if 10a-12p would be fine. I told them we could make it work. 1230p rolls around, no truck. Oh our delivery window is 10a – 2p. I tell the lady it was 10-12. I would never approve a 4 hour delivery window. Well he should be there around 1:30p. He rolls in around 3:45. Close enough. I noticed there was some splintered plywood on the crate but didnt look too bad. Fortunately I wrote that on the BOL. This entire week has sucked tremendously and to no avail, unpacking the fuselage just added to the suck. After removing the brown paper I noticed that the wind screen was cracked right along the passenger edge. Then I noticed the fuselage rear window section had a nice tear right through it. So I stopped unpacking right there. Now is the wait and see game.

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