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Month: June 2014

Wing Kit Delivered

Well YRC is living up to their reputation. Guaranteed my shipment to be late is what I apparently paid for. Also had a broken box on the long box, but luckily nothing was damaged. Everything showed up minus a bolt, 1 part, and 1 can of proseal. The latter was my fault as I did not notice it missing on the final order confirmation. The size of this plane really comes into perspective now. The wing tips are HUGE.

Elevator movement

Today I worked on the pushrod for the elevators and got it mounted. This went really easy, but it did expose a flaw done earlier. My elevators are 1/8″ of an inch out of alignment. Van’s says this is perfectly fine as they have one plane thats 5/8″ out and it flys great. So I have 2 options, 1) Leave it or 2) Pull an elevator off and weld close the hole and try it again. I will probably pursue option 2 when I get to the point where I search out all the flaws I see in the empennage section.

I also “bolted” on the rudder, but I have some rubbing that I will have to fix in the near future.

Wing kit shipped!

Just got the call today to have YRC come pick up the wings. Van’s normally ships things themselves, but due to the specific wording I need on the Bill of Lading, I arranged the pick up. The current scheduled delivery date is Monday the 16th by 5pm!


Haven’t touched this in a while mainly as I have been ridiculously busy. The weekends lately have been taken over by Flying & Skydiving lessons. Today I just went through and final drilled both Stabilizers and put in the appropriate bolts. Nothing to really photograph.

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