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Month: October 2016

Aileron Gap Fairings

Not much to write tonight. Started putting on the gap fairings. the W-1021 fairings went on fine. Due to the SB I did yesterday I had to trim the inboard side of the W-1024 fairings about an 1/8″. Cleco’d everything in place then got side tracked with work and flying tomorrow.

SB 16-03-28 Cracking of wing aft spar web

Several months ago Vans released a Service Bulletin that affected every model they make except the RV12. I promptly ordered the parts and when they came in I put them in the dust collector. I still have the fuel tanks to work on, but they kill off all motivation the second I touch them. So I elected to start doing other things and coming back here and there. This is also the perfect time as I have yet to put the Aileron Gap Fairings on. Opening up the kit was quite daunting at first. Not as daunting as a new kit delivery,  but more of how the heck does this go together. After a few minutes I got my visual and started at it. Once the pieces are cut apart, it is pretty easy to see how it goes together. After match drilling, deburring, cleaning, and priming, I started drilling out the old brackets. This way the parts had plenty of time to dry. The SB requires you reuse an old bearing from the original bracket so I took it apart per the instructions. Assembly was nice and easy. I even had it inspected by a certified sniffer.

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