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Category: 13) Main Spars

Main Spars Complete!

Today I finished up the main spars. I started by drilling all the #40 holes near the end of the spar as well as some #30 holes. After countersinking I attached some nut plates and began with the tie down brackets. this was pretty easy.

can you see what i forgot?

Next I bolted the brackets to the main spar using some AN3-5A bolts. During this process I also attached the W823PP Aileron Bellcrank brackets. Once I got done with the Left main spar I began with the right Right spar. After getting the bracket on and a few rivets driven. I noticed I missed 2 rivets on the nut plates.  So after carefully drilling the rivets out. I placed the last 2 rivets and finished mounting the tie down bracket.

Since this was done I cleaned up a little bit around the shop and then started pulling parts for the next section.

More countersinking

Today I finished countersinking the nut plate holes. Next I riveted all the nut plates on. Then I began the tedious process of counter sinking the skin rivet holes. I was able to finish one side of one spar before calling it a night. No pictures today as it wasnt that exciting.

Drilling & Counter sinking

Today I drilled all the remaining #40 holes on the spars. Next I focused on the left spar and kind of skipped around a bit. As I didn’t want to keep adjusting the microstop, I countersunk all the nut plate holes. I had to do a search on VAF that as part of the instructions were confusing. Basically there are 7 holes on each side of the spar that need to be countersunk, but wasnt quite clear. Well this was getting quite boring so I riveted the nut plates on after every so many counter sinks. After riveting all the nut plates on the left spar I called it a night. Tomorrow I anticipate finishing the right spar as well as all the countersinking on both spars.

J Stiffeners

Today I spent the day making and match drilling the J-Stiffeners. A lot of the time involved with this was making sure that the stiffeners were 1/16″ of an inch over the top of the spar. This took quite some time and I called it a day afterwards.


Wing Kit start!

After cleaning up today I decided to go about making the wing stand. It was a bit confusing as some of the details in the plans were left out, but we managed to figure it out. I did add one 2×4 to this stand that is not called for. It literally is just the scrap of the remaining 2x4x8 piece. This will remaining here till i install the leading edge.


The main spars waiting to be worked on


First thing that needs to get done is the wing spar extension.Its pretty quick to get to primer here. These parts are ready to attach.

everything riveted together

at this point i called it a night


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