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Month: June 2016

Right Tank Assembly

Throughout the week I slowly poked around the airplane. Moved parts here, there. did some prep work on the new left tank. Friday I started installing the ribs. Saturday I really got into it. I got all the ribs done but end. I also made the return line stub for the fuel injection system.

Yes I know the tags are still on the parts, they will be removed before I seal the tank up.

On Sunday, I came in made and installed the vent line, fuel level sender, the end rib, as well as sealed up any rivets. While this was curing, I decided to start working on the new left tank by installing all the ribs and cutting the stiffeners. I quickly discovered that I ordered the wrong end ribs by the attach side. $18 later and the new ones should be here in a few days.

new left tank mostly assembled

Today I decided to put some water in the tank and see how I did. I did okay except for one small teeny tiny leak.

No big deal. I will fix it tomorrow after draining and it fixing some other rivets Im not quite happy with after the fact. Once thats done. I will seal it up!

Right tank assembly

This week I wrapped up any deburring that was left as well any dimpling that was required. I also drilled out the holes for my return line and custom fabbed a anti rotation plate out of some 1×1 angle. I cut the angle at the bend to make 2 pieces.

I decided to go a different route on the assembly this time. I back riveted all the stiffeners in place first. then the next time I worked on it I did the filler cap, the drain, and I all the parts on the inboard rib as well as the end rib. This method has made it a lot easier to make sure everything is sealed. I also don’t feel as rushed.

Since I had extra proseal made up I went ahead and finished the elevator trim tab that I started rebuilding months ago. I forgot to take any pictures after this.

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