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Wing Ribs start

I have to admit, this was probably the most confusion section yet. You would think all the -L parts would go on the left wing and all the -R parts would go on the right. That is not the case. ┬áThe parts are mixed up every which way possible. I didn’t take alot of pictures today. I started off by cutting & fabricating W1029C angle, W1029D & W1029E spacers for both left & right wings. Next I started working on the W1029A-L Torque Tube Support bracket. This part was very difficult to get aligned into the W1010R rib. From here I decided to work on the left wing only for now. Next I drilled & cleco’d the Flap attach brackets to the ribs required. After that, i cleco’d all the ribs to the main spar. Once I had the left wing ribs mounted I marked each rib starting from the root 1 through 15. Then I proceeded with the right wing. Rinse Wash Repeat. These were marked 16 – through 30. After all this was set, I began drilling all the #12 holes, followed by match drilling the #30 & 40 holes.

Next I realized I needed to order some parts, such as the Pitot tubing & conduit. I created a nice shopping cart of stuff I wanted & needed. I’ll call Avery in the morning to place the order.

Updated: July 27, 2014 — 8:52 pm

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