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Proseal The Trailing Edge

Today I began a step that I wasn’t quite interested in doing. Vans has you use an epoxy to secure the trailing edge. This is because during the riveting process you really can’t have any clecos. As I’ve read in the past this is some nasty stuff. After I bought the mini-tube, I discovered that I will be using it again, So in attempt to save the rest. I bought a mixing cup and used about half of it. Next  I verified alignment of the trailing edge and began applying a thin layer of proseal on it. Once I had proseal everywhere (literally everywhere, its so easy to make a mess with this stuff). I laid the second skin on top of it and began clecoing it. I went ahead of the plans here and installed the skeleton next. After installing the skeleton I left it to dry for a few days


Updated: January 12, 2014 — 10:31 am

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