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Section 6: Vertical Stabilizer

It dawned on me today that the only reason I haven’t started my kit was because I didn’t have my dimpler. I didn’t want to start without finishing my practice kit, but the only thing I really want to practice on is riveting. So today I started doing all the machine work for the vertical stabilizer. I did a real poor job of taking pictures on this. The first task is to cut the spar caps. Not really much here, just cut a section out of the long side. Next after clamping both spar caps inside the rear spar was to match drill the holes from the rear spar into the spar caps. Next was the addition of the rear spar doubler and the hinge brackets. This required taking all the clecos off, placing the required pieces, and putting all the clecos back on. After all the holes were match drilled, I had to take the rear spar doubler off again for counter sinking. Thinking back on this, I could of probably got away with it still cleco’d to the rest of the parts. This is probably the most interesting part of the day. I had never used a microstop counter sink tool before, so I had to make sure it was set properly. My first counter sink is a little deep, but I’m not worried about it. After using this, I wish I had it back when I was a machinist.


Updated: December 18, 2013 — 3:01 am

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