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Skin dimpling

I started off today by creating a new way to dimple the skins. While my old setup was easy. It was very awkward to use on large skins. It was also mounted on top of a table adding some significant height to the overall work. What I did today was I found a 2×6 board just long enough to mount the DRDT2 too, and then took one of remaining sides of the crate that are still out back and cut 4 lengths at 2′ long. Then using very scientific methods, we attached 2 to each table. This allows me to slide the DRdT2 in between the tables and creates a flat surface for the skin to slide on. I really wish I did this a year ago.

After that I dimpled the skin nice & easily. I also installed the 4 nut plates for the landing lights. This was a proceeded by a bath and prime. I also laid down 2 coats of chrome paint near the light hole.

Since this stuff dries so quickly I was able to cleco together most of the leading edge. I also squeezed the 2 rivets for the stall warning hole which does not go in this side.

Tomorrow I plan on finishing up the fuel tank strip and riveting this part all together.

Updated: January 2, 2017 — 9:28 pm

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