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HS Skin Riveting Pt 1

Today I started off by riveting the nose ribs. Corey gave me a hand with the center section ribs. Once we got that done we placed the front spar and began to rivet it. I could have done this solo, but having a helper makes this so much easier. At one point Dad & Jason showed up and they also helped out in riveting the skin to the front spar. After getting all the rivets in the spar I began riveting the rest of the ribs in place on the spar wit LP4 rivets. I also secured the end rivets with some AN470-4-? rivets. After that I just cleco’d everything in place so it will be lined up for tomorrow.

Corey (L) and Me (R)

Updated: February 4, 2014 — 11:00 pm

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